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Chapter 1 of Edgar-Hunt provides a brief introduction to auteur theory (see page 16). Within this framework, the director is seen to be the "author" of a film (or should be seen as the author). And as authors, the works of different directors can be distinguished by recurring elements or devices, which may be narrative or visual or in the use of sound (as with Robert Altman, see page 168), any point where a specific choice has to be made about what and how to make a film where those choices can be seen as indicative of a director's body of work.

Memento and Inception were both directed by Christopher Nolan. What markers of his "auteurship" can you find in those films? One interpretation of auteur theory is that only certain directors rise to the level of "author" (this view is implied by the text). Do Memento and Inception work to qualify Nolan as an "auteurist" director? Feel free to discuss his other films, too. 


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Brandon F

both movies obviously deal with mind and body relationships. both movies do not follow a strait narrative. Both movie the main character is a dark man dealing with lose. we also see this in the dark night. Nolan may be on his way to being an auteur but I would not compare him to Alfred Hitchcock yet.

Mohammmed Alsalman

The similarities of those films MOMENTO and Inception both seriously made me thinking over and over while watching them. I agree with Bandon Movies like dont have strait Narrative. they have dark side story that made viewers want to know.I kept wondering at Memento but since Leonard have mental problems with memory it might made sense. However Inception was more complicated because it deals with concepts of getting inside dreams was amazing how the brains work.I think the director was aiming to create puzzles and confusion to viewers where the beginning or the ending.

Mohammed Alsalman


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